Our Team

We are dedicated to ensuring that MetaDiscs maintain and improve upon the decentralized nature of owned media. We believe that strong culture is built through bottom-up, grassroots initiatives, and that media is our most important conduit for culture.

Diversity Board

While traditional companies build pale, male, and stale boards of successful entrepreneurs and investors, we have built a board of individuals who are not fairly represented in technology, media, and culture communities. We recognize that media is vital to the preservation and disbursement of culture, so it is important to include those who may have a reduced voice.

Open-Source Community

Being a decentralized product at heart, MetaDisc relies on, contributes to, and appreciates the open-source community of software and media standards around the world. Namely, MetaDisc harnesses the Inter-Planetary File System developed by Protocol Labs.

Core Team

Although MetaDisc is a community-driven project, we have a core team of best-in-class designers and developers throughout the world who are responsible for maintaining the overall vision of the MetaDisc.