The metadisc

buskr developed the metadisc, a revolutionary music format that combines web3 technology with a hybrid cloud-blockchain ownership model, providing music lovers and creators with the ultimate experience. It is a proprietary format that introduces a new way of supporting musicians, owning media, and building an asset collection.
Unlike traditional music formats, the metadisc is exclusive and scarce, making it a highly valuable asset for collectors and enthusiasts. It stores music in a decentralized manner behind an authorization gateway, which ensures that only the owner can access it and protects the musician’s work and intellectual property.
Furthermore, the metadisc employs blockchain technology to verify its authenticity and ownership. Each metadisc is linked to a unique blockchain address that confirms its genuineness. It is a trustworthy medium for collectors and music lovers who want to own genuine pieces of art.
The metadisc is artist-centric, with all proceeds going directly to the musician, providing them with fair compensation for their work and creativity. This ensures that intermediaries cannot exploit their creativity.
The metadisc is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional music formats, with 1000 times lower carbon emissions than a vinyl record. It is a sustainable choice for music enthusiasts who want to support their favorite artists while reducing their carbon footprint.
The metadisc is a groundbreaking music format that combines advanced technologies, an artist-centric approach, and eco-friendliness to provide music enthusiasts and creators with a unique and valuable experience. Whether you are a musician looking to protect your intellectual property or a collector looking to build a unique asset collection, the metadisc is the ultimate choice for modern music consumption.


Your MetaDisc is a limited edition; its scarcity enables the artist to build something special.



All MetaDisc content is stored in a secure, decentralized manner that will be available forever.



Your MetaDisc content is stored behind an authentication gateway ensuring only owners get access.



We verify every artist on the platform, so you know you are getting an authentic creation.



Proceeds go directly to the creators, making the MetaDiscs the best way to support an artist.


Low Emissions

Together, our hybrid cloud-blockchain ownership and Polygon give each MetaDisc 1000x lower carbon emissions than a vinyl.