Tomorrow's media is owned on a MetaDisc.

A blockchain ownership protocol for rich media content backed by a guild of data providers who ensure that content is only accessed by owners and is available forever.

Digital media ownership never existed before the MetaDisc.

Today's media is controlled by gatekeepers.

Digital media is sold from and controlled by centralized entities. They control access, margins, and are capable of manipulating our culture; a dangerous precedent. MetaDiscs remove the central authority and allow copyright owners to sell directly to their customers.

Today's media holds no value.

Without secure, scarce, decentralized ownership, owners cannot expect their media to have worth in the future which reduces its present value. MetaDiscs secure content for copyright owners and build scarcity on the blockchain to ensure its worth is preserved.

Today's media takes up too much space.

With shrinking living spaces and fleeting storage, physical and digital media cannot not be dependably stored locally. MetaDiscs store content with state of the art efficiency while giving media owners the ability to reliably retrieve their owned content on demand.

Today's media is already obsolete.

Digital media is traditionally platform locked and physical media is beholden to current technologies for consumption. MetaDiscs deliver content in its purest form and allow future platforms to determine how it is delivered.

Working with MetaDiscs

MetaDisc Dashboard

View and create your MetaDiscs via the web-based MetaDisc Dashboard.

How MetaDiscs Work


When you create a MetaDisc, the content is stored on a private Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) swarm hosted by a trusted guild of content providers.


The trusted guild is a group with a common interest to keep your data alive. They host the data on a special client with an authorization gateway that only allows MetaDisc owners to access their owned content.


Ownership is done through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. To access the owned content, owners must prove that the related NFT is in their crypto account.


MetaDisc defines a rich media protocol of content that can be implemented throughout the web and the NFTs are compatible with all major exchanges.